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Control Processor

Control a processor:

PATCH /api/processors/:instance/:name

Only replay processors can be edited.


Name Type Description
state string The state this replay processor should be updated to. Either paused or running.
seek string The time where the processing needs to jump towards. Must be a date string in ISO 8601 format.
speed string The speed of the processor. One of:
  • afap
  • a speed factor relative to the original speed. Example: 2x
  • a fixed delay value in milliseconds. Example: 2000


Pause the processor:

  "state" : "paused"

Resume the processor, and set speed to 2.5x:

  "state" : "running",
  "speed" : "2.5x"

Make processor move according to original speed:

  "speed" : "1x"

Alternative Media Types


Use these HTTP headers:

Content-Type: application/protobuf
Accept: application/protobuf

Request is of type:

message EditProcessorRequest {
  optional string state = 1;
  optional string seek = 2;
  optional string speed = 3;