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Create Event

Create an event for the given Yamcs instance:

POST /api/archive/:instance/events/


Name Type Description
message string Required. Event message.
type string Description of the type of the event. Useful for quick classification or filtering.
severity string The severity level of the event. One of info, watch, warning, distress, critical or severe. Default is info
time string Time associated with the event. Must be a date string in ISO 8601 format. If unspecified, this will default to the current mission time.
source string Source of the event. Useful for grouping events in the archive. Default is User.
sequence_number int Sequence number of this event. This is primarily used to determine unicity of events coming from the same source. If not set Yamcs will automatically assign a sequential number as if every submitted event is unique.


Create an informatory event at the current mission time:

  "message": "Some info message"

Add a critical event in the past:

  "message":"Some critical message",
  "severity": "critical",
  "time": "2015-01-01T00:00:00.000Z",


The full event is returned in the response body, including fields that are added by Yamcs Server.

Status: 200 OK
  "source": "User",
  "generationTime": "1524258406719",
  "receptionTime": "1524258406719",
  "seqNumber": 0,
  "message": "Some info message",
  "severity": "INFO",
  "generationTimeUTC": "2018-04-20T21:06:09.719Z",
  "receptionTimeUTC": "2018-04-20T21:06:09.719Z",
  "createdBy": "admin"

Alternative Media Types


Use these HTTP headers:

Content-Type: application/protobuf
Accept: application/protobuf

Request is of type:

message CreateEventRequest {
  optional string type = 1;
  optional string message = 2;
  optional string severity = 3;
  optional string time = 4;
  optional string source = 5;
  optional int32 sequenceNumber = 6;