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Download Table Data

Download archived table data:

GET /api/archive/:instance/downloads/tables/:table

This operation will possibly download a very large file. If you worry about size for your application, check out the support for paged table data instead.


Name Type Description
cols array of strings The columns to be included in the result. Both these notations are accepted:
  • ?cols=rectime,gentime,pname
  • ?cols[]=rectime&cols[]=gentime&cols[]=pname
If unspecified, all table and/or additional tuple columns will be included.
order string The order of the returned results. Can be either asc or desc. Default: asc
format string If it is dump, the response will contain low level information that allows the data to be used to load the table (see below).


The response will be a stream of individual table records or rows. When using Protobuf, every table record is delimited by its byte size.

Alternative Media Types


Use HTTP header:

Accept: application/protobuf

If non dump format is requested, response is of type:

message TableData {
  message TableRecord {
    repeated ColumnData column = 1;
  repeated TableRecord record = 1;

If format=dump parameter is used, the response is a series of Rows, each Row being composed of a list of Cells.

Each row has an optional associated list of ColumnInfo messages that define the table columns conainted in the row. The message assigns an integer id for each column and the id is present in each cell belonging to that column (this is done in order to avoid sending the ColumnInfo with each Cell). The column id starts from 0 and are incremented with each new column found. The ids are only valid during one single dump.

The dumped data does not contain information on any table characteristics such as (primary) key, partitioning or other storage options.

message ColumnInfo {
  optional uint32 id = 1;
  optional string name = 2;
  //one of the types defined in org.yamcs.yarch.DataType
  optional string type = 3; 

message Cell {
   optional uint32 columnId = 1; 
   optional bytes data = 2;

message Row {
  //the column info is only present for new columns in a stream of Row messages
  repeated ColumnInfo column = 1; 
  repeated Cell cell = 2;