Docs / Yamcs HTTP API / Instances


The Yamcs instances provide means for one Yamcs server to monitor/control different payloads or sattelites or version of the payloads or satellites at the same time. When Yamcs is used in a Test/EGSE environment it allows creating multiple independent test sessions.

Each instance has a name and a directory where all data from that instance is stored, as well as a specific Mission Database used to process data for that instance.

Starting with version 4.9.0 Yamcs allows creating instances on the fly (until then, they had to be pre-configured in the yamcs.yaml) by instantiating instance templates. The templates are instance configuration files which can contain template arguments of the shape which are replaced by specific values when the template is instantiated.

In addition, the API for creating instances allows to define labels: that is pairs of (name, value) strings. These allow to define metadata for the instance (e.g. test name, purpose, date, etc).