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List Events

List the history of events:

GET /api/archive/:instance/events/


Name Type Description
severity string The minimum severity level of the events. One of info, watch, warning, distress, critical or severe. Default: info
q string Text to search for in the message.
source array of strings The source of the events. Both these notations are accepted:
  • ?source=DataHandler,CustomAlgorithm
  • ?source[]=DataHandler&source[]=CustomAlgorithm
Names must match exactly.
start string Filter the lower bound of the event's generation time. Specify a date string in ISO 8601 format. This bound is inclusive.
stop string Filter the upper bound of the event's generation time. Specify a date string in ISO 8601 format. This bound is exclusive.
pos integer The zero-based row number at which to start outputting results. Default: 0
limit integer The maximum number of returned records per page. Choose this value too high and you risk hitting the maximum response size limit enforced by the server. Default: 100
order string The order of the returned results. Can be either asc or desc. Default: desc

The pos and limit allow for pagination. Keep in mind that in-between two requests extra data may have been recorded, causing a shift of the results. This stateless operation does not provide a reliable mechanism against that, so address it by overlapping your pos parameter with rows of the previous query. In this example we overlap by 4:


An alternative is to download the events instead.


Status: 200 OK
  "event" : [ {
    "source" : "AlarmChecker",
    "generationTime" : 1447425863786,
    "receptionTime" : 1447425863786,
    "seqNumber" : 15,
    "type" : "IN_LIMITS",
    "message" : "Parameter /YSS/SIMULATOR/BatteryVoltage2 has changed to value 222",
    "severity" : "INFO",
    "generationTimeUTC" : "2015-11-13T14:43:47.786Z",
    "receptionTimeUTC" : "2015-11-13T14:43:47.786Z"
  } ]

Alternative Media Types


Use HTTP header:

Accept: text/csv

Or, add this query parameter to the URI: format=csv.


Status: 200 OK
Content-Type: text/csv
Source  Generation Time Reception Time  Event Type      Event Text
AlarmChecker    2015-11-13T14:46:36.029Z 2015-11-13T14:46:36.029Z IN_LIMITS       Parameter /YSS/SIMULATOR/BatteryVoltage2 has changed to value 195
AlarmChecker    2015-11-13T14:46:29.784Z 2015-11-13T14:46:29.784Z IN_LIMITS       Parameter /YSS/SIMULATOR/BatteryVoltage2 has changed to value 196
AlarmChecker    2015-11-13T14:46:23.571Z 2015-11-13T14:46:23.571Z IN_LIMITS       Parameter /YSS/SIMULATOR/BatteryVoltage2 has changed to value 197


Use HTTP header:

Accept: application/protobuf

Responses are of type:

message ListEventsResponse {
  repeated yamcs.Event event = 1;