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List Objects

List all objects from a bucket

GET /api/buckets/:instance/:bucketName

_global can be used as instance name to list the objects from a bucket at the global level.


Name Type Description
prefix string List only objects whose name start with prefix
delimiter string Return only objects whose name do not contain the delimiter after the prefix. For the other objects, the response contains (in the prefix response parameter) the name truncated after the delimiter. Duplicates are omitted.

The parameters prefix and delimiter provide filtering capabilities. These work similar to Google Cloud Storage and Amazon S3.

The delimiter allows the list to work in a directory mode despite the object namespace being flat. For example if the delimiter is set to “/”, then listing the bucket containing objects “a/b”, “a/c”, “d”, “e” and “e/f” returns objects “d” and “e” and prefixes “a/” and “e/”.


Status: 200 OK
  "prefix": [ "a/"],
  "object": [{
    "name": "request-example-to-REST-Archive-CSV-API.txt",
    "created": "2018-05-28T08:25:19.809Z",
    "size": "869"

Alternative Media Types


Use HTTP header:

Accept: application/protobuf

Response is of type:

message ObjectInfo {
  optional string name = 1;
  optional string created  = 2; //time in UTC format
  optional uint64 size  = 3; //size in bytes
  map<string, string> metadata = 4;

message ListObjectsResponse {
   repeated string prefix = 1;
   repeated ObjectInfo object = 2;