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List Parameter Info

List all parameters defined in the Mission Database for the given Yamcs instance:

GET /api/mdb/:instance/parameters


Name Type Description
namespace string Include parameters under the specified namespace only
recurse bool If a namespace is given, specifies whether to list parameters of any nested sub systems. Default no.
type array of strings The parameter types to be included in the result. Valid types are boolean, binary, enumeration, float, integer or string. Both these notations are accepted:
  • ?type=float,integer
  • ?type[]=float&type[]=integer
If unspecified, parameters of all types will be included.
q string The search keywords.
pos integer The zero-based row number at which to start outputting results. Default: 0
limit integer The maximum number of returned parameters per page. Choose this value too high and you risk hitting the maximum response size limit enforced by the server. Default: 100

The q parameter supports searching on namespace or name. For example:



Status: 200 OK
  "parameter" : [ {
    "name": "ccsds-apid",
    "qualifiedName" : "/YSS/ccsds-apid",
    "alias" : [ {
      "name" : "YSS_ccsds-apid",
      "namespace" : "MDB:OPS Name"
    }, {
      "name" : "ccsds-apid",
      "namespace" : "/YSS"
    } ],
    "type" : {
      "engType" : "integer",
      "dataEncoding" : "IntegerDataEncoding(sizeInBits:11, encoding:unsigned, defaultCalibrator:null byteOrder:BIG_ENDIAN)"
    "dataSource" : "TELEMETERED"
  } ]

Alternative Media Types


Use HTTP header:

Accept: application/protobuf

Response is of type:

message ListParameterInfoResponse {
  repeated mdb.ParameterInfo parameter = 1;