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Stream Updates

The stream resource type within the WebSocket API groups low-level subscribe operations on Yamcs Streams.

The documented operations work on one of the built-in streams (like tm, tm_realtime, tm_dump, pp_realtime, cmdhist_realtime, etc). Or, if your Yamcs deployment defines any other streams, they would work as well.

Subscribe to a Stream

Within the WebSocket request envelope use these values:

  • request-type stream
  • request subscribe
  • data
    • With Protobuf: an object of type Yamcs.StreamSubscribeRequest where at least the stream name is filled in.
    • With JSON: an object literal where at least the stream key is set.

Here’s a full request example in JSON-notation

[1,1,3,{"stream": "subscribe", "data": {"stream": "tm_realtime"}}]

As a result of the above call you will get updates whenever anybody publishes data to the specified stream. With Protobuf, the data can be fetched with the getStreamData()-method on in the WebSocketSubscriptionData object. With JSON, you might see something like this example output:


In the case we were receiving some simulated data from the tm_realtime stream, this is a built-in stream with columns gentime, rectime, seqNum and packet. This last column is of binary format (it’s the raw TM packet), which is why it is Base64-encoded in the JSON output.

Other streams would have different columns.