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Yamcs provides a WebSocket API for data subscriptions. A typical use case would be a display tool subscribing to parameter updates.

The WebSocket supports two subprotocols:

  1. Textual WebSocket frames encoded in JSON
  2. Binary WebSocket frames encoded in Google Protocol Buffers

To select one or the other specify this header on your WebSocket upgrade request:

Sec-WebSocket-Protocol: protobuf


Sec-WebSocket-Protocol: json

When unspecified, the server defaults to JSON.


WebSocket calls should be directed to a URL of the form:


Replace :instance with your Yamcs instance name. The frame must contain a text array like so:



x the version of the protocol (currently fixed at 1)
y the message type. One of:
  • 1 Request
  • 2 Reply
  • 3 Exception
  • 4 Data
z a sequence counter. Enables clients to couple a response with the original request

The request-type and request criteria vary for every type of resource, and are each time indicated in further pages.

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