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Artemis Command History Publisher

Publish cmdhist stream data to an Artemis broker.

Class Name



This service is defined in etc/yamcs.(instance).yaml. Example from a typical deployment:

  - class: org.yamcs.artemis.ArtemisCmdHistoryService
    args: [cmdhist_realtime, cmdhist_dump]

args must be a an array of strings indicating which streams to publish. For each stream the target address is composed as In the example tuples from the streams cmdhist_realtime and cmdhist_dump are published to the addresses simulator.cmdhist_realtime and simulator.cmdhist_dump respectively.

By default, messages are published to an embedded broker (in-VM). This assumes that Artemis Server was configured as a global service. In order to use an external broker you can configure the property artemisUrl in either etc/yamcs.(instance).yaml or etc/yamcs.yaml:

artemisUrl: tcp://remote-host1:5445
artemisUrl: tcp://remote-host1:5445

If defined, the instance-specific configuration is selected over the global configuration. The URL format follows Artemis conventions and is not further detailed in this manual.