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LDAP AuthModule

The LDAP AuthModule supports authentication and authorization of users via the LDAP protocol.

This module adds privileges to users through the use of roles: a user has specific roles, and some role is required for a specific privilege. All the user, role and privilege definitions are looked up in the LDAP database. Yamcs reads only LDAP objects of type groupOfNames.

The algorithm used to build the list of user privileges is as follows:

  • From the path configured by rolePath find all the roles associated to the user. The roles defined in LDAP must contain references using the member attribute to objects member=uid=username from the userPath.
  • For each role found previously, do a search in the corresponding system, tc, tm packet or tm parameter path using the match member=cn=role_name. The cn of the matching entries is used to build the list of privileges that the user has.

This class can be stacked with other AuthModules such that it is responsible for either authentication or authorization. In the case of authorization read-only access to the LDAP database is assumed.

Class Name

Configuration Options

Name Type Description
host string Required. The LDAP host
userPath string Required. The path to user definitions
rolePath string The path to role definitions
systemPath string The path to system privileges
tmParameterPath string The path to ReadParameter object privileges
tmPacketPath string The path to ReadPacket object privileges
tcPath string The path to Command object privileges