The MDB module within the Yamcs web interface provides a set of views on the Mission Database.

The Monitor Module is always visited for a specific Yamcs instance. The MDB for an instance aggregates the content of the entire MDB loader tree for that instance.

Space Systems

Space systems represent the highest conceptual entity of the MDB. Space systems act like folders and may contain other space systems, parameters, containers and others.

The Space Systems view shows a flat list of all space systems in the MDB. By clicking on one of the entires, you can navigate to a detail view for the space system which shows the parameters, containers, commands and algorithms that directly belong to that space system.


The Parameters view shows a filterable list of all parameters inside the MDB. If you are searching for a specific parameter but don’t remember the space system this views can help find it quickly.

You can navigate to the detail page of any parameter to see a quick look at its definition, and to see the current realtime value. If the parameter has numeric values, its data can also be rendered on a chart. This chart is updated in realtime. Finally the detail page of a parameter also has a view that allows looking at the exact data points that have been received in a particular time range. This information is presented in a paged view. There is a download option available for downloading data points of the selected time range as a CSV file for offline analysis.

If the parameter is a software parameter, its value can be set via a button in the toolbar.


The Containers view shows a filterable list of all containers inside the MDB. The detail page allows seeing the parameter or container entries for this container and offers navigation links for quick access.


The Commands view shows a filterable list of all commands inside the MDB. This also includes abstract commands. Non-abstract commands can be issued directly from the detail page of that command. This opens a dynamic dialog window where you can override default arguments and enter missing arguments.


The Algorithms view shows a filterable list of all algorithms inside the MDB. This detail page provides a quick navigation list of all input and output parameters and shows the script for this algorithm.