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Parameter Recorder

Records parameters. This service stores the data coming from one or more streams into a table pp. The term pp stands for processed parameter. These are parameters that typically are processed by an external system before being recorded in Yamcs. It is also used to store system parameters that are generated by Yamcs itself.

Parameters extracted from packets are usually not stored in pp. Instead Yamcs provides a different service called the Parameter Archive which is specially optimized for data retrieval.

Class Name



This service is defined in etc/yamcs.(instance).yaml. Example from a typical deployment:

  - class: org.yamcs.archive.ParameterRecorder

    - pp_realtime
    - sys_param

With this configuration both system parameters and processed parameters coming from the pp_realtime stream are stored into the table pp.

Configuration Options

Name Type Description
streams list of strings The streams to record. When unspecified, all param streams defined in streamConfig are recorded.