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yamcs-server init script

Yamcs distributions include an init script for starting and stopping Yamcs Server in System V-style.

This script is located at /etc/init.d/yamcs-server and should not be run directly but instead via your system’s service manager. This will perform proper stepdown to the yamcs user.

For example:

systemd start|stop|restart|status yamcs-server

Or alternatively:

service yamcs-server start|stop|restart|status

The init script accepts these commands:

Starts Yamcs Server and stores the PID of the yamcsd process to /var/run/
Stops the Yamcs Server process based on the PID found in /var/run/
Stops Yamcs Server if it is running, then starts it again.
Checks if Yamcs Server is currently running. This does a PID check and will not detect a Yamcs Server runtime that has been started on the system without use of this init script.