Yamcs Server Updates

Yamcs 4.10.5  [.tar.gz]  [.rpm] Nov 25, 19

  • small random fixes and improvements (see detailed git log for a list)

Yamcs 4.10.4  [.tar.gz]  [.rpm] Nov 05, 19

  • made the command acknowledgments more uniform
  • cancel the pending verifiers on command completion
  • improvements into the command queue definition
  • added CCSDS TC Data Link protocol including COP1
  • allow links to set an Earth Reception Time on TM packets (used by the SLE link to set the time as received from the ground station) - useful for spacecraft/ground time synchronization purposes
  • various changes in the web interface
  • various bugfixes

Yamcs 4.10.3  [.tar.gz]  [.rpm] Sep 24, 19

  • changed the alarms to follow more closely the ISA-18.2 standard
  • added a user management module in the web interface
  • improved validation of yaml configuration files
  • many improvements in the web interface
  • various bugfixes

Yamcs 4.10.2  [.tar.gz]  [.rpm] Jul 17, 19

  • various bugfixes

Yamcs 4.10.1  [.tar.gz]  [.rpm] Jul 08, 19

  • fixed bug with TSE driver not recovering from connection reset
  • allow specific buckets to map to the file system instead of rocksdb (previously it was all or nothing)

Yamcs 4.10.0  [.tar.gz]  [.rpm] Jun 14, 19

  • added a UDP TC data link
  • added pre/post processors for cFS
  • added initial CFDP support

Yamcs 4.9.5  [.tar.gz]  [.rpm] May 08, 19

  • fixed bug in 4.9.4 that causes the websocket packet subscriptions to fail (meaning that Packet Viewer was not working)

Yamcs 4.9.4  [.tar.gz]  [.rpm] May 07, 19

  • fixes replay with multiple XTCE root containers
  • added support for HTTPS
  • added the Enumerated parameter value type (previously, the values for the XTCE Enumerated parameter types were represented as parameter values with String engineering value and Integer raw value)

Yamcs 4.9.3  [.tar.gz]  [.rpm] Apr 03, 19

  • fixes command queues displays

Yamcs 4.9.2  [.tar.gz]  [.rpm] Apr 01, 19

  • allow to set (via REST) individual members of aggregates and elements of arrays
  • better support for XTCE initial values
  • various bugfixes

Yamcs 4.9.1  [.tar.gz]  [.rpm] Mar 24, 19

  • allow to get and subscribe individual members of aggregates and elements of arrays
  • various bugfixes

Yamcs 4.9.0  [.tar.gz]  [.rpm] Feb 19, 19

  • added support for CCSDS TM frame protocols (TM, AOS and USLP frames)
  • various improvements in yamcs-web

Yamcs 4.8.1  [.tar.gz]  [.rpm] Jan 28, 19

  • allow multiple TSE commands in one telecommand
  • various bugfixes

Yamcs 4.8.0  [.tar.gz]  [.rpm] Jan 28, 19

  • allow to create instances on the fly from templates
  • added a generic packet input stream (for spiting tcp stream into packets)
  • added a generic packet preprocessor that reads timestamps in UNIX millisec format and sequence count from user defined offsets

Yamcs 4.7.3  [.tar.gz]  [.rpm] Nov 26, 18

  • allow to online (i.e. without modifying the MDB) change calibrations and alarms for parameters part of a running processor
  • various bugfixes

Yamcs 4.7.2  [.tar.gz]  [.rpm] Oct 30, 18

  • various bug fixes

Yamcs 4.7.1  [.tar.gz]  [.rpm] Oct 12, 18

  • small bug fixes

Yamcs 4.7  [.tar.gz]  [.rpm] Sep 28, 18

  • implemented interface to Test Support Equipment (power supplies, osciloscopes, …)
  • several changes in instance state - allow offline instances
  • implemented step by step replay
  • allow same DataLink to be IN and OUT
  • added some options in the simulator to allow performance testing
  • create a new rpm for yamcs-client containing the java swing clients. Most of the functionality is already available in the Yamcs Web so this package will be discontinued in the future.

Yamcs 4.6.3  [.rpm] Aug 28, 18

  • limit the number of parameters that can be stored in one segment of the parameter arhchive to avoid OOM errors
  • various small bugfixes

Yamcs 4.6.2  [.rpm] Jul 25, 18

  • implemented better cleanup after instance shutdown and restart
  • store CCSDS TM Index also in the tablespace (rahter than in a separate rocksdb database)