Yamcs Server Updates

Yamcs 4.7.3  [.tar.gz]  [.rpm] Nov 26, 18

  • allow to online (i.e. without modifying the MDB) change calibrations and alarms for parameters part of a running processor
  • various bugfixes

Yamcs 4.7.2  [.tar.gz]  [.rpm] Oct 30, 18

  • various bug fixes

Yamcs 4.7.1  [.tar.gz]  [.rpm] Oct 12, 18

  • small bug fixes

Yamcs 4.7  [.tar.gz]  [.rpm] Sep 28, 18

  • implemented interface to Test Support Equipment (power supplies, osciloscopes, …)
  • several changes in instance state - allow offline instances
  • implemented step by step replay
  • allow same DataLink to be IN and OUT
  • added some options in the simulator to allow performance testing
  • create a new rpm for yamcs-client containing the java swing clients. Most of the functionality is already available in the Yamcs Web so this package will be discontinued in the future.

Yamcs 4.6.3  [.rpm] Aug 28, 18

  • limit the number of parameters that can be stored in one segment of the parameter arhchive to avoid OOM errors
  • various small bugfixes

Yamcs 4.6.2  [.rpm] Jul 25, 18

  • implemented better cleanup after instance shutdown and restart
  • store CCSDS TM Index also in the tablespace (rahter than in a separate rocksdb database)

Yamcs 4.6.1  [.rpm] Jul 18, 18

  • added support for XTCE IndirectParameterRefEntry
  • added EXTERNAL data sources to better support writable parameters not managed by yamcs

Yamcs 4.6.0  [.rpm] Jul 11, 18

  • introduced aggregate and array data types (not yet fully working with the parameter archive)
  • introduced a V7 spreadsheet loader that makes a distinction between parameters/arguments and their data types
  • added support for MIL-STD-1750A floating point encoding (32 and 48 bits)
  • added a ECSS/PUS packet preprocessor
  • added a CCSDS Unsegmented Time Code decoder
  • config: Deprecate webConfig in favour of args under HttpServer
  • archive: Add File System-based bucket implementation
  • web: Add file browser for quickly accessing displays in standalone mode
  • web: Add full-screen support for both displays and layouts
  • web: Add parameter table viewer

Yamcs 4.5.0  [.rpm] Jun 26, 18

  • added a simple object storage API (buckets)
  • security improvements - it is possible now to stack multiple AuthModules to provide authentication/authorization from diferent sources.
  • added a Kerberos/Spnego authModule
  • Introduced YamcsService as a required interface for global and instance services
  • Show contextual calibrators in web interface
  • Added various CLI commands (for buckets, processors, clients)
  • General clean-up of Yaml configuration files to match closer to the upcoming Server manual
  • added a last value cache that is present all the time.

Yamcs 4.4.2  [.rpm] May 23, 18

  • yamcs-web: support multiple series plots
  • TmLink: added the posibility to specify the checksum type in the Columbus pre-processor and added an option to drop corrupted packets.

Yamcs 4.4.1  [.rpm] May 14, 18

  • added the possibility to exclude parameter groups from replays
  • yamcs-web: added a view for the archive index
  • yamcs-web: support replays
  • fixed the retrieval of static files when zeroCopy was disabled
  • bugfix: in /api/instances do not reload the XtceDb from disk, instead provide information about the db already loaded
  • bugfix: when an instance fails to init - force it to the FAILED state (rather than NEW), also do not store the instances that failed to init in the instance list

Yamcs 4.4.0  [.rpm] May 07, 18

  • added support for context calibrators
  • added support for XTCE MathOperationCalibrator
  • fixed the names in the spreadsheet such that additional columns can be inserted without loosing compatibility.
  • added support for XTCE MathOperation algorithms
  • various XTCE parser fixes

Yamcs 4.3.1  [.rpm] Apr 25, 18

  • parameter archive: fixed encoding of boolean segments
  • XTCE parser: fixed parsing container references in command definition
  • yamcs-web: allow to set software parameters and display information about time parameters

Yamcs 4.3.0  [.rpm] Apr 23, 18

  • implemented IncludeCondition for container and parameter entries as per XTCE spec
  • server support for access token generation based on password credentials
  • updates to yamcs-web to support authentication and privilege checking (using access tokens)
  • fixed the parameter archive for boolean parameters
  • fixed the processing of XTCE absolute time parameters

Yamcs 4.2.2  [.rpm] Apr 17, 18

  • partially fixed the parameter archive for boolean parameters

Yamcs 4.2.1  [.rpm] Apr 17, 18

  • send events when an algorithm execution fails
  • read commands from XTCE XML files compatible with CCSDS green book

Yamcs 4.2.0  [.rpm] Apr 06, 18

  • various web improvements - alarm detail, plots improvement, event downloads…
  • added parameter ranges API
  • allow to filter stream data on protobuf message properties
  • better enforcements of privileges on table/stream downloads/uploads and other REST calls

Yamcs 4.1.2  [.rpm] Mar 14, 18

  • fixed bug in the parameter archive encoding of large integer numbers
  • fixed the handling of expiration of parameters when the processor is running with a simulated clock
  • Events significance: added the XTCE significance levels for Events produced from the MDB algorithms

Yamcs 4.1.1  [.rpm] Mar 07, 18

  • added an alternative Parameter Cache that consumes less memory by using array of primitives to store parameter values
  • refurbished yamcs-web
  • support multiple parameter subscriptions via the websocket
  • serialized XTCEDB use now a filename which is a SHA-1 of the old filename (which is made of the list of individual components of the XtceDB). This avoids problems with too long filenames.

Yamcs 4.0.1  [.rpm] Feb 05, 18

  • fixed Artemis data links to acknowledge the messages (otherwise they are kept indefinitely on the server)
  • the parameter select dialog from the Archive Browser will show now also parameters that are not part of containers