Yamcs Studio Updates

Yamcs Studio 1.2.1  [Windows x64]  [Linux x64]  [macOS] Jan 09, 19

  • Fix importPackage-related leak
  • Make importPackage calls optional in user scripts
  • Fix event log not clearing

Yamcs Studio 1.2.0  [Windows x64]  [Linux x64]  [macOS] Oct 01, 18

  • New
    • The looks of the Event Log can be changed using custom rules
    • An OPI file can be marked as the active ‘schema’. Properties of this schema’s widgets become defaults while editing other displays.
    • Named OPI fonts/colors are now stored to user preferences. The initial list of named colors is less opinionated. Liberation Sans is the new default font.
    • Yamcs Studio no longer auto-creates an example project. Instead examples can be manually added to your workspace via File > New > Example...
    • Replay options have been extended to support range limiting, step-by-step replay and arbitrary speed factors.
    • Application logs are now automatically persisted to ~/.config/yamcs-studio/logs (rotated)
    • Column changes in Command History and Event Log are saved to user preferences.
    • When opening Yamcs Studio, the last used workspace is reopened.
    • The Links view now indicates IN and OUT data counters in different columns, as introduced in Yamcs v4.7.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fix importPackage support in Action scripts

Yamcs Studio 1.1.0  [Windows x64]  [Linux x64]  [macOS] Jul 20, 18

  • New
    • Parameter with datasource EXTERNAL1-3 support writes
    • Boolean widgets of type Enum compare string value of On/Off State property to determine state
  • Bug fixes
    • Fix issue with wrong workspace selection
    • Fixes automatic opening of Displays to always open in Display Runner window
    • Loads parameters over multiple requests for large MDBs