Yamcs Studio Updates (v1.0.x)

v1.0.x releases should only be used to run against legacy versions of Yamcs Server (v3.x.x).

Yamcs Studio 1.0.5  [Windows x64]  [Linux x64]  [macOS] Jan 09, 19

  • Fix importPackage support in Action scripts
  • Fix importPackage-related leak
  • Make importPackage calls optional in user scripts

Yamcs Studio 1.0.4  [Windows x64]  [Linux x64]  [macOS] Jul 20, 18

  • New
    • Add transitional support for deprecated sw:// PVs
  • Bug fixes
    • Fix issue with wrong workspace selection
    • Fix -workspace flag
    • Fixes connectivity with Yamcs v3 (uses yamcs-client v3.4.5)
    • Fixes automatic opening of Displays to always open in Display Runner window

Yamcs Studio 1.0.3  [Windows x64]  [Linux x64]  [macOS] Jun 26, 18

  • New
    • Add support for Yamcs timestamp datatype
    • #54 Add static entries in Window menu for directly opening Display Builder or Display Runner
    • Use qualified names in command tree
    • Use nashorn instead of rhino for JavaScript execution (under review)
    • Improved consistency in the formatting of timestamps
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixes an issue with writing to Yamcs local parameters
    • Print error causes directly in studio log (no stacktrace)
    • Fix issue where a runner window could end up being duplicated
    • Fix issue with assigning argument of parent command containers
    • By default, hide default command arguments

Yamcs Studio 1.0.2  [Windows x64]  [Linux x64]  [macOS] Apr 04, 18

  • Restores script access to org.csstudio.swt.*
  • Fixes an issue where dropdown boxes did not keep their selection on Windows and OSX

Yamcs Studio 1.0.1  [Windows x64]  [Linux x64]  [macOS] Mar 28, 18

  • Improve compatibility with older Yamcs instances
  • Allow running with Java 9 or 10 (in addition to Java 8)

Yamcs Studio 1.0.0  [Windows x64]  [Linux x64]  [macOS] Mar 26, 18

  • Compatible with both Yamcs v3.4.x and v4.x
  • By default, Yamcs Studio wil now open in Editor mode (on a new or reset workspace)
  • The perspective switcher in the top-right toolbar was removed. Instead the Editor and the Runtime operate in distinct windows. Switching between the two types of windows can be done via a new button in the main toolbar.
  • The ‘Navigator’ tree view was replaced with an identical looking ‘Explorer’ view. This Explorer view has better default open actions. In a Runtime window, double clicking will open an OPI file in runtime mode. In an Editor window, double clicking will open an OPI file in editor mode.
  • Plot series max count was increased from 20 to 30.
  • An issue was fixed where plots with formulas would not show data when replaying past data.
  • The right-click “Show PV Info” popup was updated to show raw parameter values
  • The right-click “Show PV Info” popup will now update its content as new parameter values are incoming (note that for non-parameter PVs the data will not currently update).
  • The Probe popup (also available via the right-click menu of any PV widget) was refactored and now uses the MDB static alarm ranges (where applicable) to show a more meaningful meter.
  • Yamcs Studio will now attempt auto-reconnection when connection to Yamcs is lost.
  • Logging was refactored. Only INFO or worse are visible directly inside Yamcs Studio via the Console view. Debug logging (including stacktraces) are available via stdout/err.
  • PV autocomplete suggestions will now also include yamcs-‘local’ parameters, such as system parameters.
  • The event log uses different icons to be compatible with a recent change in Yamcs. The 3 old levels INFO, WARNING and ERROR are replaced by the new levels INFO, WATCH, WARNING, DISTRESS, CRITICAL and SEVERE. The ERROR state is matched to SEVERE.